With special thanks to:

  • Amaanah surgery - Dr Mohammed Waheed and Dr Nadeem Khalid
  • Alia Hussain, BSc(Hons) Biochemistry
  • Summra Nasir - Nutritionist
  • Pak Supermarkets, Birmingham
  • Rabia Ali, AK centre, Alum Rock Road, Birmingham
  • The Ismaili Nutrition Centre, Olly Roberts
  • Elephant Atta, Premier Foods, Azmina Govindji And Media Reach Advertising
  • John Opstad
  • Saheli Women's Group -

With thanks to our religious advisors:

  • Uzma Jung, Islamic teacher
  • Dr Usama Hasan
  • Dr Musharraf Hussain
  • Ibrahim Mogra
  • Shaykh Haytham Tamim

And also to the Caring for your heart team and supporters:

  • Ross McElwain
  • Natalia Chan
  • Raheel Mohammed
  • Jake Garber
  • Ebrahim Ali
  • Effusion
  • Eleanor Cappell
  • The Young Foundation



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